Sales Mover (Москва, офис)

Sales Mover (Москва, офис)

Dream Industries is looking for an advertising sales-machine to galvanize our commercial partnerships. Dream Industries is a unique environment where ideas grow into fully-serviced products. Our current projects are Bookmate, Zvooq, Theory & Practice, 3rd Place, and DI Telegraph. All of them have great commercial opportunities for you to drive.

About you:

You know how to monetize media and you are experienced in sales of digital and integrated advertising formats. You are already well connected with agencies and brand executives. If you are ambitious and flexible, driven and friendly Dream Industries is the best place for you to make a breakthrough.

About us:

Dream Industries is based in Moscow's Central Telegraph building on Tverskaya and creates technology that empowers people to spread knowledge and culture.

Bookmate is our social reading technology that lets people store all their books in the cloud and sync them to all their devices. It has a big catalog of Russian-language books and has a community of users spanning the world.

Zvooq is a music streaming service that immerses people in a music experience shaped by their connections to friends, artists and labels. Zvooq is available in Russia & CIS and powers apps that target specific music-related behaviours.

Theory & Practice is a platform that brings institutions and people together around the topics they share interest in through educational events. It, too, concentrates on Russia & CIS.

Third Place is focused on the place beyond home and office. It helps people find the right place to do their best work and space owners to build value and community around their place.

These are not static products, but are projects which are in rapid development, pushing each respective domain forward, one iteration at a time. Intense hackathons, appearances by lunatic luminaries, non-conventional work hours and a dangerously adventurous canteen chef are what defines our corporate culture — or lack thereof, to be more precise.

Write us at:

[email protected].

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